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Mouth Guards Bayport

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Mouth Guards in Bayport

Mouth Guards Bayport
Mouth Guards Bayport

Mouth guards are used to protect your teeth and mouth during sports participation, or to protect your mouth and teeth from problem caused by TMJ and teeth grinding. At our orthodontic practice, Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, our expert orthodontist, Dr. Fiorenti, can provide you with custom mouth guards Bayport.

Both sports mouth guards and mouth guards that are worn at night, are highly effective in protecting your teeth. While these mouth guards are different, both types are necessary at times to protect your teeth from injury. Mouth guards, also known as night guards, are worn during sleep. They are usually used to protect teeth when a patient grinds his or her teeth at night. Teeth grinding may not sound like a serious dental problem, but it can be. When patients consistently grind their teeth, teeth can become chipped and broken, and dental alignment can be affected. In fact, some teeth can even loosen and fall out due to teeth grinding. Over time, teeth grinding will wear down and weaken teeth. When a patient grinds their teeth at night, it can also cause pain and stiffness in the face and jaw, as well as in surrounding facial muscles. Teeth grinding can also disrupt sleep and even cause earaches or headaches. While night guards may not prevent jaw clenching, it will protect your teeth from the dangerous effects that teeth grinding can have on your dental structure. Night guards also are helpful for people who have sleep apnea, and will help the patient to keep their airways open while they sleep so that proper breathing will occur. Sports mouth guards should always be worn when you or your child are playing sports. If your teeth come into contact with a flying object, or another person during sports play, your teeth can be broken or even knocked out of your mouth. At our office, we offer custom TekFit mouth guards Bayport to protect your teeth from injury.

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