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Pediatric Orthodontist in Sayville

Pediatric OrthodontistInterceptive orthodontics is the name for a premise that gives your child a head start on having teeth that are properly spaced and straight, along with a bite that is well-aligned. With the active guidance of our kids orthodontist in Sayville, Dr. Charles P. Fiorenti, the growth and development of your child’s teeth can be a huge help in avoiding the need for more complex orthodontic treatments later on. In fact, the need for braces and retainers might be eliminated completely, in some instances. At minimum, the severity of challenges in the future can be greatly reduced by our pediatric orthodontist. This applies to the expense and time involved, as well.

Standard orthodontic treatments are typically associated with pre-teen and teen years, but interceptive orthodontics can begin as early as age 7. During routine dental exams or through your own observation, you may discover that your child is having difficulties with his or her bite, tooth crowding, too much space between teeth, protruding teeth, or improper jaw growth. Teeth may be growing in crooked. Virtually any issue or concern that is related to tooth and bite alignment should be addressed. These problems have the tendency to get worse over the course of time. With interceptive orthodontics, room can be made in your child’s mouth to maintain the space for adult teeth that have yet to erupt. In addition, jaw development can be guided by our kids orthodontist in Sayville.

It’s a good idea to make an appointment for your child to be examined by our kids orthodontist in Sayville if you have any reason to believe that she or he could benefit from what interceptive orthodontics has to offer, or if your pediatric dentist has expressed a concern. There are signs that you should be aware of that may indicate your child’s need for early orthodontic care. Among them are breathing through the mouth, chewing problems, finger or thumb sucking, crowding of teeth, misplaced teeth, baby teeth lost too early, baby teeth staying in too long, teeth that are blocked out, jaw and teeth being out of proportion with the rest of the face, shifting jaws, or sounds made when the jaw moves.

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