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Braces in Bohemia

Bohemia Orthodontics
Bohemia Orthodontics

Many people get braces, and for different reasons. Braces, as well as other oral appliances, can be used by people of all ages to improve their dental health and to improve their smile. Each case is unique and should be treated as such, which is what our orthodontist Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS aims to do for every one of his patients. When it comes to Bohemia orthodontics, there are plenty of options and avenues for treatment, and Dr. Fiorenti is here at our state-of-the-art offices to help you find the perfect treatment plan as well as help you attain the smile of your dreams.

Braces, and other orthodontic treatments, can be used to improve smiles as well as dental health. Some people don’t require braces but would prefer it if their teeth were straighter. Other people, however, may need braces for medical reasons. Some of the more severe cases involve bite problems, especially where the teeth do not meet up properly or at all, or issues where teeth overlap or are so crooked that other medical issues develop from them. Many orthodontic concerns lay somewhere between both extremes, and Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS helps each and every patient get the exact kind of care they need to handle their specific dental concerns. In terms of braces, Dr. Fiorenti offers several options, though certain needs may dictate which avenues are right for you. When it comes to Bohemia orthodontics, Dr. Fiorenti offers comprehensive orthodontic evaluation and treatment planning, complete diagnostic records including panoramic and cephalometric radiographs, intra and extraoral photographs and diagnostic models for a thorough skeletal and dental evaluation, interceptive orthodontics including diagnosing and correcting orthodontic problems in early childhood to prevent more complex problems in the future, teen orthodontics, adult orthodontics, Invisalign invisible braces, Invisalign braces for teens, the Damon® system including Damon clear custom night guards, and sports mouthguards among much more.

If you would like to learn more about Bohemia orthodontics and what treatments would work best for you, set up an appointment with Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS today.

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