Bohemia orthodontics

Bohemia Orthodontics

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The most important feature of any braces is to straighten your teeth and move them efficiently into a more ideal state of alignment. Once you know that you can count on that, other factors can them come into play. Here at the orthodontic practice of Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, we offer three types of braces: traditional metal, The Damon System, and Invisalign.

When you come in for a consultation regarding our Bohemia orthodontics, you will be examined thoroughly, and get all your questions answered. Your comfort level, preferences, and budget are all likely to play a part in your ultimate decision. Traditional metal braces remain a solid choice that is the right one for many people. Unlike the old-fashioned ones that were heavy and aesthetically unappealing, our Bohemia orthodontics has more lightweight and stylish ones instead. They still do a fantastic job, though. The Damon System gets the job done without using ligatures at all. The brackets require no elastics and the method is free of friction. As a result, your experience is more comfortable and requires less maintenance. Invisalign, though, is the ideal solution if you don’t want to have your braces seen at all. These braces are made out of clear plastic, making them undetectable to the eye. They won’t cause any irritation or soreness due to the softness of their construction. And no adjustments are needed to them because you wear a new set every two weeks, each perfectly calibrated to serve a unique role in the overall process.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make your decision here and now. It is only after an examination and consultation that you’ll know for sure which options are suitable for you, and which will match up with requirements. Get started right now with our Bohemia orthodontics. Reach out to our office and book an appointment to come in.

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