Bohemia early orthodontic treatment

Bohemia Early Orthodontic Treatment

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Early orthodontic treatments in Bohemia

Dr. Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS is a dentist who provides Bohemia early orthodontic treatment for children along with quality and comprehensive orthodontic care. Patients can request regular traditional braces, Invisalign and clear plastic aligners. Braces are the perfect way to align the teeth before they become too crowded. Early orthodontic treatment is a way to map out treatment before the braces are put on, when the child is still young.

The goal of Bohemia early orthodontic treatment is to prevent a bad bite. A child’s first orthodontic exam should be around age 7. We check for potential problems that may foretell the need for future dental work, and allows us to catch orthodontic problems early on. Orthodontic treatment is the practice of aligning teeth or problems with the bite. Interceptive orthodontics are designed to create room for crowded and erupted teeth while helping reduce the need for any extractions of teeth. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted first and before the interceptive orthodontics are placed. These should be done before braces are put on for permanent alignment. Bad bites that are not treated quickly can cause more damage and potential future expensive dental bills.

Besides Bohemia early orthodontic treatment, we also handle and specialize in braces made from different materials such as the Invisalign technique. Invisalign moves the teeth into place using a series of clear plastic aligners. They do not require the spacers, brackets or metal hardware that traditional braces use. The entire series is done with a set of aligners that are swapped out every few weeks. Over time, teeth gently align into their required positions.Depending on the severity of the misalignment Invisalign can take a year or more. Most adult patients prefer clear braces because of their low visibility. For more information, call our offices today.

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