Bohemia Damon Braces

Bohemia Damon Braces

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Damon Clear Braces in Bohemia

Not all that long ago, you had no choices when it came to getting orthodontic care. It was either metal braces or nothing at all. Here at the practice of Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, we think that it is important to have options. Each of our valued patients has their own needs and preferences. And one way that we meet them is with Damon clear braces.

Objections when it comes to orthodontics are frequently centered around feeling self-conscious. It is natural to feel awkward and to lose some degree of self-esteem when your teeth are crooked, but if the solution creates its own aesthetic issues, the situation can be difficult. That’s where our Bohemia Damon braces come in. They are made to be nearly invisible so you won’t have to worry that anyone is staring at you. Speak and smile, laugh and chew, and do so with full confidence. All the while, your teeth are moving steadily into a more ideal alignment as prescribed by our orthodontist. But that’s not the only benefit of our Bohemia Damon braces. They are self-ligating. What this means is that the elastics that are an indispensable aspect of traditional metal braces are not needed at all with these. While that sounds great, you may wonder what it means in practical terms. Well, there is far less maintenance. You don’t have to come to our office all the time to get adjustments. Damon uses specialized clips instead. These braces are comfortable and simple to wear. Best of all, they are just as good as metal braces in their effectiveness.

Why not come in and have an examination and consultation? Find out if our Bohemia Damon braces are the ones that you want to get the orthodontic treatment that will lead to a straighter and more appealing smile. Call us right now to book a time.

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