Bohemia Damon Braces

Bohemia Damon Braces

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If you’re searching for a better way for your child to receive the orthodontic treatment she needs, you might want to consider exploring Bohemia damon braces. Not all dentists offer Damon braces so you’ll need to find a high quality innovative dental practice that can offers. At Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, we can assist you with Damon braces plus more.

Damon braces are not only braces; they are a complete system. The Bohemia damon braces System is not about metal wires and brackets. It’s an entirely new and innovative. Also, many believe it to be a better method of treating patients. Damon braces give patients many benefits over traditional metal braces. If your child needs orthodontic treatment but is resistant to the ideas because of the discomfort and unattractive metal wires and brackets he’d have to wear, we highly suggest you explore Damon braces as a possible solution. Damon braces offer many advantages over other types of braces. They’re comfortable, convenient and have a much shorter treatment duration. The Damon System technology improves the patient experience. They are self-ligating braces that eliminate the need for uncomfortable metal ties. These tie-less braces are more comfortable because of the fact that they work without tightening. The Damon system works gently and uses less force; therefore, they are much more comfortable than standard braces. They’re also easy to clean. This makes it easier for patients to maintain good oral health. Damon braces also work a lot faster than conventional braces. Even though the exact treatment time will vary from patient to patient, overall, it’s much faster than conventional braces. Another added benefit is that less orthodontic appointments are required with Damon braces compared to traditional ones. If your teenager is concerned about aesthetics, you’ll be happy to learn that they’re available in clear brackets. This system makes it easier for parents of adolescents who are resistant to getting braces to receive the orthodontic treatment they need.

To learn more about Damon braces, contact our office, Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS. We’ll gladly schedule your Bohemia damon braces appointment.

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