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Orthodontist in Bohemia

Bohemia braces
Bohemia braces

Here at the office of Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, you have come to the right place if you’d like your teeth and jaws to look better, straighter, and properly aligned. Furthermore, there are health benefits to having well positioned teeth and jaws, including elimination of discomfort. Our types of Bohemia braces include metal, Invisalign, and the Damon System.

Metal braces are the traditional choice, with a history that goes back to the very beginnings of orthodontic treatment. Over the years, they have undergone changes. Today, they have a more streamlined and stylish appearance, and are more lightweight. Periodic adjustments allow them to exert effective and continuous pressure to steadily move your teeth into a more ideal position as determined by our orthodontist. And while you have the option of selecting any of our Bohemia braces, there are some particularly challenging cases where metal braces remain the undisputed best choice for getting the job done successfully. Invisalign is a system of clear aligners that don’t look like braces, but sure do the job of them. Instead of wearing one set of our Bohemia braces, you’ll wear a new aligner every two weeks. Take out the one you’ve just worn, and put in the next in the series. It’s easy to do because Invisalign aligners are removable. You should take yours out to eat, brush, and floss, giving you easier oral hygiene, and the advantage of enjoying all your favorite foods without the restrictions of metal braces. The Damon System is yet another possibility for you. Among its benefits are shorter treatment duration, and for difficult cases, better odds of avoiding the chance of unpleasant complications like orthodontic-related tooth extractions and having to wear headgear or palatal expansion appliances.

Why not arrange an appointment to come in and have a consultation? Our Bohemia braces will give you the outcome you’re looking for.

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