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Interceptive orthodontics in Bayport

Bayport orthodontist
Bayport orthodontist

Children should get their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. This is based on a treatment strategy known as interceptive orthodontics. The premise is that waiting until adolescence to get assessed puts your child at risk for more complicated teeth alignment challenges, and treatment that is more time-consuming and financially expensive. At the office of Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, we believe in being proactive in order to promote the best results.

Our Bayport orthodontist will check for issues such as tooth crowding, too much space between teeth, improper jaw growth, bite misalignment, and crooked teeth. It’s possible to actively guide jaw development and make space for the permanent (adult) teeth that have yet to grow in. The ultimate goal that our Bayport orthodontist has is to prevent the need for further treatment in the teen years entirely. This isn’t always possible, but it is something to aspire to. We recommend that you bring your child in by age 7, regardless of whether there is any outward sign of a problem with teeth and jaw positioning. However, if you observe teeth growing in crooked, breathing through the mouth, sucking of the fingers or thumbs, tooth crowding, chewing problems, misplaced teeth, losing baby teeth too early, or keeping baby teeth in for too long, teeth being blocked out, shifting jaws, and sounds made when the jaws move up or down, you don’t even have to wait for a specific age. Early diagnosis and treatment is closely associated with outcomes that are better, as well as shorter treatment times.

Our Bayport orthodontist looks forward to you bringing in your child for a session to determine if he or she is in need of interceptive orthodontics. All you need do is contact our office and we will schedule a convenient time for you to come in with her or him.

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