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Interceptive Orthodontics in Bayport

Bayport Orthodontics
Bayport Orthodontics

It is now recommended that children come in to see our orthodontist, Dr. Charles P. Fiorenti, around the age of seven to see if they are developing any orthodontic problems. Today, it is very common for young children to receive what is called interceptive orthodontic care. This type of Bayport orthodontics treatment is used to prevent more serious orthodontic problems from occurring as the child ages and takes place in a phased approach.

Interceptive orthodontics care in our orthodontic practice, Charles P. Fiorenti, DDS, generally occurs in two stages. When the child is aged between seven and eleven years, phase 1 interceptive orthodontic work occurs. This work does not generally use braces, but orthodontic appliances which can make different changes to a child’s jaw and mouth. These appliances can be used to help expand the jaw so that teeth that have yet to erupt will be able to erupt in their proper place. Interceptive orthodontic care also can also influence the development of the child’s jaw and bite. Common techniques used in interceptive orthodontic care phase 1 treatment include arch expansion, which makes more room for permanent teeth. Orthopedic growth appliances will help enhance jaw growth so that Bayport orthodontics treatment needed later on is much simpler and less expensive.

Interceptive orthodontics is a preferred approach because it means that children will need to have less orthodontic care later on in his or her teens, there will almost always be the need for fewer teeth extractions, and the entire process will be more cost-effective than if the parent waits until the child is older to have orthodontic care. It is generally recommended that children first come in to see our orthodontist when they are around age 7 so that our dentist will be able to determine if any bite problems are developing, and if so, determine when will be the best time for interceptive treatment to occur. For an appointment to meet with our orthodontist for a Bayport orthodontics interceptive care, contact us today. At our practice we welcome patients of all ages for orthodontic treatment. We offer many different types of braces options including The Damon System and treatment with Invisalign invisible braces.

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