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Phase 1 orthodontics in Bayport

Bayport orthodontics
Bayport orthodontics

Never again feel bad about crooked teeth–thanks to the rapid-fire advancement of modern dentistry. Don’t settle for less than your ideal smile. Not anymore. Feel free to stretch that new, beautiful smile from ear-to-ear every single day once you’ve visited Charles P. Fiorenti and hook yourself up with Bayport orthodontics. The best part? We provide orthodontic services for all ages, so no one gets left out.

Got a child with some alignment/jaw issues? Sounds like they might be candidates for phase 1 orthodontics. Now you might be wondering what in the world is phase 1 orthodontics? We’re getting to that part. So here’s the deal…this procedure maximizes both effectiveness and longevity of teeth straightening. So your smile can stay healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for far, far longer. But not only does this procedure help your child’s smile, it also causes facial changes (specifically around the jaw). You see, by shifting the jaw, teeth are accommodated better, bettering the fit between the upper and lower portions. The ones who benefit the most from this type of procedure are children because their jaws are still in development, making it much easier to repair misalignments. It helps develop the child’s jaws, accommodating space for the eruption of permanent teeth, improving the synergy between upper and lower jaws. Jaws that are over or underdeveloped will best benefit from this orthodontic treatment. Usually this phase lasts anywhere between 9 to 18 months. Once that period ends, a retainer is necessary to wear—with frequent four to six month checkups. Now, with all that said…head over to Charles P. Fiorenti for Bayport orthodontics.

Phone Charles P. Fiorenti today and setup an appointment. Or, if you prefer, schedule the meeting via e-mail—that works, too. And then, you’ll only be a few baby steps away from Bayport orthodontics.

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