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Damon Braces in Bayport

Bayport Braces
Bayport Braces

Orthodontic treatment need not be cosmetically problematic. And with our Bayport braces, you can enjoy the freedom from traditional metal braces and the drawbacks that are typically associated with them. Instead of being self-conscious about everyone seeing what you’re wearing, you can benefit from Damon braces, which are clear and undetectable to the eye.

Clear braces are also more comfortable, without the metal to dig into your gums or cause irritation. In addition to not dealing with the wires and brackets of old-fashioned braces, you will not be subject to as many visits to our office for adjustments. One of the most unique aspects of our Bayport braces is that Damon is self-ligating. Special clips are used instead of elastic that you would see with traditional braces. This means less pressure on your teeth and because the clips don’t have to be replaced, the result is fewer adjustments required. And our Bayport braces use archwires held in with a sliding mechanism that makes them highly advanced and yet easy to wear. Damon is just as effective as metal braces in moving your teeth into the prescribed position that Dr. Fiorenti determines for you. In fact, they can even shorten the amount of time you need to complete treatment. And as if all of those plusses aren’t enough to convince you of the value of Damon, they are also resistant to discoloration and staining. If you’re a smoker or you indulge in foods and drinks like tea, coffee, red wine, and berries, Damon can hold its color with true dependability for longer than other types of braces.

When you consider how simple and easy it is to get your teeth properly aligned with Damon, any excuses you were using to avoid having orthodontic care are no longer valid. Call us and book an appointment for a consultation to determine if this is the right choice for you.

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