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Adult Braces Bayport

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Adult Orthodontics in Bayport

Adult braces Bayport
Adult braces Bayport

Orthodontics are the best way to keep a straight, healthy mouth and realign teeth. Adult orthodontics are tricky because many adults do not want the hardware that comes with traditional braces. Traditional braces can be highly visible and come with all types of screws and brackets. Invisalign braces are virtually invisible and do not have the traditional hardware as regular orthodontics. Those seeking adult braces Bayport often opt for these types of clear plastic aligners. They are easy to use and wear, and provide the comfort of being invisible and clear so that other people can’t see them as well.

Orthodontics and adult braces Bayport help to correct malocclusion and bad bites. When teeth are crooked or crowded it throws the upper and lower jaw out of alignment, or is a result of misalignment. Malocclusions can be inherited or developmental, and usually require orthodontics to fix. Treatment addresses the problem of the malocclusion or bad bite and helps create a nicer smile and straight teeth that remain uncrowded. Straight teeth are also easier to keep clean, which helps keep tooth decay at bay. Crooked teeth tend to get food and debris trapped between them and periodontal disease can form if the bacteria is not cleaned from within the teeth.

Adult orthodontics use corrective appliances like braces and retainers to move teeth into position gently over time. As wires and screws are threaded through each bracket, the tension and tightness of the placement ensures that the teeth are slowly pushed into position with slight pressure over time. Most adult braces Bayport take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to align, depending on the severity of alignment. After the alignment is finished, appliances called retainers are used to help teeth stay in position and so they do not move back into place.

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